Portfolio & Commissions

Commissions are currently closed.Pheasant watercolor artwork painting wall artCoastal Great Blue Heron watercolor art painting MarylandWatercolor Painting Commission Chapel, The Heights School, Potomac, MDPurple Finch House Finch Watercolor PaintingOsprey Watercolor Painting, Maryland Art,Airstream Camper Trailer Painting, Outdoor Life Watercolor CommissionWatercolor painting of a triceratops dinosaur in lizard greens, yellows and blues.Watercolor painting of St. Peter School on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.Head and neck of the Great Blue Heron.A Baltimore Oriole perches on a branch in this watercolor art print for you wall.White pelican watercolor art.Maryland Blue Crab wall art print.An American Brown Pelican perches on a rock while the splash of the sea crashes about his feet.A watercolor painting of a potted boxwood clipped into two round ball shapes sits in a blue and white pot on a lacquered stand.A blue and white ginger jar has two blue birds on it in this watercolor painting art print.A statue of Saint Anne teaching the Blessed Virgin Mary to read is rendered in pencil in this fine art print.A view of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC as seen through Spring's cherry blossom branches in watercolor painting.