Blog Post #6: And More Goldfinches

Blog Post #6: And More Goldfinches

Last fall there was a Christmas Bazaar at my kids’ school and I had been thinking, imagining, and hoping to go and display and maybe sell some paintings.  We had a year with lots of sickness though.  We hadn’t had a week where all four kids were in school every day of the week until December.  So, I hadn’t really gotten the amount of paintings done I had hoped, so I gave up on thinking about entering the Christmas Fair as an exhibitor/vendor.  Plus, I also had back-to-back strep in October and November myself.  We were just a very ill household in 2022.     

I still don’t know why the organizers asked me to come onto the committee and handle the vendors, but they did, and they even offered me a free table, so I wouldn’t have to pay the vendor fee.  I was like, “Ok, God, I guess you want me to do this.”

So I did.  And do you know what was the very first painting to sell at the Christmas Fair?  A goldfinch. 

Pasted below for your viewing pleasure is a goldfinch painting and the real goldfinch that came to visit me on September 10, 2018 is in the last blog post (number five).  

I wish you many blessings this summer.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you’ve ever been interested in my artwork.  Thanks for letting me share my heart with you.  May we live with that hope and faith of a child, expecting miracles around every corner!



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