Blog Post #2: "Dear God, when can I paint?"

Blog Post #2: "Dear God, when can I paint?"


I keep copious notes in my phone. To do lists. Grocery lists. What

to make for dinner. Notes about my kids' growth or doctor's

appointments. You will find it on my iPhone in Notes. Several

years ago, in the midst of diapers, sibling squabbles and the great

beauty and deep sacrifice that motherhood requires, I scrolled to

the bottom of my "To Do" list in my phone and buried at the bottom

underneath some inspirational quotes that kept me afloat I wrote,

"Dear God, when can I paint?"

Like many women, I have a deep desire to nurture and create

Over the past thirteen years I have been raising small baby

humans into larger, more independent people, and that nurturing

and creativity went into those people and our home. As soon as

everyone went to school last fall I began painting, and now I can't


I'll tell you more about my history with art in subsequent posts, but

the point is God has answered the most secret prayer of my heart

by allowing me the grace to have that time to paint now. Thank you

so much for being a part of the journey. I hope we can create

beautiful and good things together.



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No need to hope anymore, you have started to create wonderful things for many, including me. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! The Beauty of God shines through!

Ann Robertson

Thank you for sharing, Anne! Beautifully stated! You are an amazing Momma & incredible artist!

Jen A.

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